8 of the Most Popular Wedding Trends for 2019

At any one moment in life, there have been, are, and will always be things that “trend” and become popular culture for one reason or another.

In this article, we’re here to talk about the popular wedding culture of right now. We’ve pulled together 8 of the latest “must haves” for every wedding in 2019 to create that WOW-OMG-AMAZEBALLS factor, and basically make your wedding trendy as ****.

1. Floral hoops

Beautiful floral hoop in the lush green grounds of a wedding venueFlowers have been a staple part of weddings since anyone can remember, and in a world where we have a flower for every purpose from edibles in cocktails to flower crowns, each generation of florists are bringing a new creative wave to their trade. The latest trend around flowers is these beautiful flower hoops, which provide a gorgeous focal point or backdrop for any wedding. It’s clear to see why they have become so popular – we have a lot of love for them too.

2. Transparent stationery

Transparent acetate wedding invitation lay on a rustic wooden boardIt’s like your regular wedding stationery, but on a see-through sheet. Using clear acetate for your save the dates, invites, menus and more has become a really popular trend at the moment. It provides and uber modern first impression for your guests and we think they have a real wow factor that’ll set a luxury feel before the big day has even begun.

3. Balloon arches / garlands

Pink and white balloon arch with flowers mixed inWhat’s more fun than balloon sprays? Balloon arches and garlands are what’s hot right now. With balloons coming in every colour and size possible, there is so much creative freedom here to achieve something that fits the theme of your wedding perfectly. Like the floral hoops, a balloon garland can provide a really fun focal point and unique backdrop for photos. Like the image above, it's also possible to team them up to create incredible floral and balloon masterpieces.

4. Flower / Prosecco / Donut Walls

Green foliage prosecco wall holding many glasses of prosecco

People are loving walls at their weddings right now. “Walls?” we here you say. Well, they’re not your regular bricks and mortar, they’re a real feature for your wedding. There are walls popping up for everything and with walls already out there for flowers, prosecco and even donuts, we’re eager to see what could possibly come next.

Suppliers for this trend:

Coastal Wedding Event Hire | County Flower Walls

5. Hanging decorations

Flowers hanging in clear glass milk bottles wedding decorations
Photo by Shropshire wedding photographer Nicki Jones Photography

Think decorations, but hanging from the ceiling. They don’t take up table space or floor space so you can go wild without worrying if you’ll have enough room. Plus, there’s something very enchanting and fairy-tale-like about having beautiful décor cascading down from above. Flowers, lights, get them all up high and watch your guests’ jaws drop when they walk in.

6. Neon signs

Wedding backdrop flower wall with neon sign saying "It was all a dream"We’ve all seen on social media that every new bar / restaurant / club / shop has a “cool” neon sign to get people sharing pictures of it to their feeds. The geniuses of the wedding industry have taken inspiration and well, now you can even get your very own for your big day. There are a variety of catchy quotes and plays on words to choose from, so shop around to find the one that suits you most.

Suppliers for this trend:

Love Struck Creative | The Word Is Love | Luminest

7. Gin wedding favours

Wedding guest holding a miniature bottle of Bombay sapphire gin to the cameraI’m sure there’s no surprise to anyone with this one. Over the past few years the popularity of gin in the UK has blown up to another level. You can get a gin in every flavour, to match every taste bud, team perfectly with every tonic / juice / mixer you can imagine. And now (drum roll please), the gin trend has extended to wedding favours, making wedding guests everywhere extremely happy. Show us a guest that doesn’t love more free alcohol at a wedding?

Suppliers for this trend:

Harley House Distillery

8. Pets as guests

Dog sitting in a bow tie between his two owners, the bride and groomShow me a couple nowadays that doesn’t have a pet that they see as their first child. Pets have always been a huge part of peoples’ lives, but it’s becoming increasingly common for these family additions to be included in the festivities – some even taking on some very important roles. To enable this to be possible for anyone, there are now companies that exist to take care of your pet on your big day, so you don’t have to worry about handing the responsibility over to one of your guests.

Suppliers for this trend:



As promised we’ve delivered 8 of the hottest trends for weddings in 2019. We hope you’ve been inspired and please do comment below if you think you can add something to the line-up or maybe you’ve even seen some of things we’ve listed in action.

Happy wedding planning!

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