9 Signs Your Partner Might Propose

Are you at the point in your relationship where you think a proposal could be on the cards soon? Perhaps you've seen signs that suggest so and you want to check if you're overthinking?

When it comes to proposing, there can be a lot of pressure for it to be absolutely perfect, and because of this pressure your partner might be acting strange. Don't get your hopes up just incase a proposal isn't coming your way, but the following article will run you through 9 common telltale signs that suggest you may soon be planning your very own wedding.

1. Timing

Experts indicate that most of the proposals are usually made in the month of December, with about 11% of them happening during Christmas day and about 27% happening during the eve of Christmas. Valentine's Day is the second leading time for most engagements. So if it's coming around to these days and your other half has become a little distanced or acting strange, it might just be that he's preparing to pop the question.

2. Sudden interest in jewellery

If your partner starts getting interested in jewellery all of a sudden, even including it in conversation, it might be that they're planning to propose to you. They could well be gathering details on what the ideal ring for you would be. Watch out for your partner pretending they need help to choose a proposal ring for their "mate". It could be that you are in fact choosing your engagement ring.

3. Sudden interest in family

Is your partner is becoming increasingly interested in family? Do they associate more with your family than usual? You might be aware that you've recently been making more frequent trips to see your family. This could be because they're sneakily gathering some information about you from your family, or even becoming more familiar with them so it's less intimidating asking for their permission to marry you.

4. Less forthcoming with money

Based on the UK culture, a proposal ring should be costly at least equivalent to 2 months salary (we think this is BS personally - people should spend what they can afford to spend - it's the love that counts). However, if you do notice that your partner reluctant to go on your usual number of dates and outings have reduced, then maybe they're trying to save up and get you that ideal ring. 27% of ladies that get proposed to agree with this, so if you feel that they are avoiding doing things with you, don’t wade into an argument; they might actually be planning something super special for you.

5. Suggesting beauty appointments

With the world sucked into their social media accounts, big news like an engagement is bound to make it onto yours and even the page of friends and family. So if your other half suggests a haircut or nail appointment, this might be a big clue that a proposal is just around the corner. Especially if they've never taken any interest in such things before. It has been noted that about 17% of men in the UK have spoilt their surprise proposal like this.

6. Secretive behaviour

>Has your partner become distanced or a bit secretive recently? Have they started keeping things to themselves to the point that even their phone or laptop is out of bounds. Don't immediately assume the worst Stop and think realistically for a minute. According to a polls, about 68% of men use their laptop or phone to research online, and trying to keep it all secret, they might become a little bit cagey.

7. Going away

Your other half might decide to wait until your are away from home to propose. But this doesn't mean that any trip you now go on will mean a proposal. Signs to look our for would be if they become unusually paranoid about their luggage or even hesitant about walking through the metal detectors. You might also notice that they seem to have their hands in their pockets a lot, which could mean they're carrying precious cargo.

8. Stalling in a certain place

If you're out on a date night and you're somewhere more upmarket than usual, and on top of that you then realise that your partner is acting weird, this could be your big moment. Your poor partner might have spent the entire evening sick with nerves waiting for the perfect moment to get down on one knee but haven't been able to yet. Look out for an overly familiar or friendly tone with the staff too - they might be in on the act!

9. Joining in wedding conversations

Does your other half usually roll their eyes or run a mile when anything to do with getting married is mention? More recently you may have noticed that they aren't repulsed when the topic comes up, perhaps even joining in. This could well be a sign that they are in fact ready, and waiting, to soon make you their spouse.


OK, if you're reading this, we're sorry but you're a little psycho and you need to take the pressure off.

Proposing is a HUGE deal anyway without added pressure.

Yes. HUGE. Life changing.

Your partner will be doing one of the most nerve-racking things they'll do in their life, so if they start acting a bit strange, don’t jump straight to the worst conclusions. Something very special could well be coming your way.

So now you've read this article, we suggest you:

  • Pretend you never read this article
  • Forget all the telltale signs we've given you
  • Stop letting other people's expectations of when you should be married put pressure on you
  • Stop pressuring your partner
  • Live your best life
  • Let it happen when it happens

And when it does, soak up that incredible moment for what it is and make it something to remember forever. What's meant to be will be.

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