The Honest Hierarchy of Engagement Gifts

Someone around you just got engaged! Woohoo! Let’s celebrate!

But first, you must’ve come across this article obviously because you like them enough that you’ve thought about getting them some sort of engagement gift… so let us help you out with that. As you can probably imagine we’ve seen our fair share of engagements, and with these engagements came the gifts, so here’s how to win (or lose) engagement gift buying.

The “Fail”

No Image To Display Here

See that image above, no? That’s because there isn’t anything there. The rock bottom of engagement gifts – sweet nothing. But chin up, we’ve all been there! Life gets its claws into you and you lose a good couple of months and wonder where you’ve been, and “Oh my god” you forgot all about Jim and Sally’s engagement present. You, my friend, have some grovelling to do… or maybe you purposely didn’t bother?

The “I’m Not Really That Keen On You”

Wedding Card For £1.20

Oh, how lovely of you! I know you’re telling yourself it’s the thought that counts but what you’ve actually saying is “I don’t like you enough to spend more than £1.20 on you.” Which if that’s the case, you go right ahead, but if casually offensive gestures aren’t the style you’re going for… consider upgrading from this level.

The “Basic B*tch”

Bottle Of Prosecco

How many bottles of prosecco are this poor couple going to get? It’s a £7.00 slap in the face that you just pulled in to get on the way to see them. At least there is hope that they’ll get drunk enough to forget who got what.

The “I Bought The First Thing I Saw To Do With Engagement”

Chalkboard For Countdown To Engagement

What a ground-breaking choice (we apologise for the brutal use of sarcasm here)… but come on! Surely you have time for another couple of seconds to scroll down and find something infinitely better than this?

The “Oh I Just Realised This Is A Wedding Gift Not An Engagement Gift”

Mr & Mrs Wine Drinking Glasses

Oh, is it obvious now we pointed it out? Well apparently not obvious enough… “Mr and Mrs” gifts are still on of the most received gifts for engaged couples even though they are months, even years, away from becoming Mr and Mrs / Mr and Mr / Mrs and Mrs… And if you were about to make that mistake, you can thank us for writing this article in the comments.

The “Holy Grail”

Bridal Bible Most Amazing Engagement Gift Ever

Contrary to the use of biblical language in the title, our Bridal Bible is nothing to do with religion. It’s every couple’s bible because it will be the go-to book for guidance on everything and anything to do with wedding planning. It really doesn’t get better than this when it comes to an engagement gift, with every aspect of wedding planning mapped out in a step-by-step journey. Want to be that person that will be forever remembered as you got the best engagement gift ever? Get your copy of Bridal Bible today.

And that concludes our Honest Hierachy Of Engagement Gifts. What do you think are the best and worst engagement gifts? What did you get when you got engaged? Let us know in the comments.

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