I'm Engaged... What Now?

First things first - a huge congratulations from everyone here at Bridal Bible! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things, but often once the reality kicks in many people find themselves wondering where to even start...

Luckily you've come to the right place, and we're going let you in on a secret. In every Bridal Bible the first task is for both you and your partner to sit down together, and without discussing it, write down your own top 5 priorities for your wedding.

Your priorities can be absolutely anything in the world. Literally... anything! Whether your priorities include a venue close to nan's house so that she can definitely attend, or it's to have your dog as the best man, this task is to help you both communicate what's really important to each other.

Once you know both of your priorities, it's important you work together to reach something that works for you as a couple. Just because you've said that something is a priority to you, remember it might still involve some compromise.

Doing this will hopefully give you a nice kickstart into planning your wedding, and remember not to get too stressed, enjoy the ride and have fun with it! To make the whole wedding planning journey as simple as possible for you, we've put everything together into our Bridal Bible hardcopy, which comes complete with pencil, bookmark and slip case to protect it. Get our most current copy online now.

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