Earn With Bridal Bible

Phone and card reader

Our Sales Representative Programme

Our Sales Representative programme allows you to earn by selling Bridal Bible alongside your everyday business. All you have to focus on is selling - leave shipping and everything else to us!

You simply operate as normal, introducing Bridal Bible into existing conversations when you see an opportunity. If you make a sale… you earn!

Two Ways To Earn


Commission earned per product sold: £10

With your Starter Kit (see below for more information), you will be able sell in-person almost anywhere in the UK. Any sales that are processed via your portable card reader will be deemed as an “in-person” sale.

One of our largest opportunities to sell Bridal Bible in person is by attending wedding fairs where you can sell to newly engaged couples, or family and friends as a gift idea.


Commission earned per product sold: £7

As part of your Starter Kit, you’ll also be able to sell online using your own unique code. If someone applies your code at the checkout, the sale will be registered under your Representative account, and you’ll earn.

With this feature, you can really leverage your social media pages, email contacts, groups and more to earn without even leaving the house.

Sales Representative Starter Kit

To get started with our Sales Representative Programme, all Representatives are required to purchase their starter kit for a one-off, non-refundable payment of £100. This helps us separate those who are serious about the role, as well as covering some costs of your setup.

Your starter kit will include the following, so that you can get going right away:

Card reader Portable Card Reader
Company Pullup Banner Branded Pull-up Banner
Branded Name Badge Branded Name Badge
Bridal Bible Sample Set Bridal Bible Planner Sample Set
iPhone Sales Representative App Login
Company Email Address Company Email Address
Unique Code Unique Checkout Code

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Getting Paid

Payments are made on 7th of each month

Payments for commission are made on the 7th day of each month for all sales processed under a Representative's own account in the previous month.

For example, if in February you made 28 sales in-person, and 12 products were purchased online using your code, on March 7th, you would be paid (28 x £10) + (12 x £7) = £364.

Things To Keep In Mind

You’ll Need A Smart Device

To process sales, each Representative will use an app. The app can be downloaded onto both an iOS (iPhone / iPad) or Android device. Without access to one of these, unfortunately you won’t be able to progress with the programme.

Representing The Bridal Bible Brand

Everyone operating on behalf of Bridal Bible is expected to represent our company brand appropriately and uphold our values. We champion professionalism, positivity, respect and equality across the business. We reserve the right to discontinue the Sales Representative Programme with anyone in breach of this.

You Won't Be Employed By Bridal Bible

The Sales Representative Programme is not full-time employment with Bridal Bible. It's a freelance opportunity for you to earn additional income alongside your current lifestyle.

Zero Sales in 90 Days

For security reasons, Bridal Bible reserve the right to discontinue the programme with any Freelancer that has not processed any sales within the previous 90 days.

Let Us Know You'd Like To Join

Please complete the form below if you're interested in joining our Sales Representative Programme.